What is QUBE?

“You’re working in a world that is complex, fast-changing and uncertain. You recognise that you need to deliver better but with less time and resources. And you need to collaborate.

We created QUBE to be three things in one: a work culture of collaboration, facilitated learning with new tools, behaviours and thinking, and a digital campus that is powerful yet surprisingly easy to use. We use QUBE’s Enhanced Virtual Reality to remove geographical, cultural and organisational barriers to enable you to collaborate effectively, work out loud and deliver at pace using our award-winning Performance Enhancement Tools (PETs).

I would like to personally invite you to come and experience QUBE, and I look forward to seeing you there.”

Prof Eddie Obeng, business educator, entrepreneur and creator of QUBE


Over 400 Performance Enhancement Tools (PETs) to deliver your needs in collaboration with others.


Collaborate across boundaries, work out loud and align teams to deliver at speed.


Easy to install. No license needed. Try it for free by joining one of our events or request a discovery session. 

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QUBE in Action

Removing the barriers to adoption to allow collaboration, alignment, innovation and agile delivery. 

Onboarding your team

Getting you and your team on QUBE is quick and easy.



Most organisations have similar barriers to change. We can show you how to overcome them.


Get it right. Get it for everyone. Get it sustainable. Security is the most crucial element for adoption.


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Why is QUBE the solution for me?

QUBE is a facilitated service on a multi activity campus. You instantly get a productive culture where you can work collaboratively. The methods and tools used drive accelerated innovation. The ease of access means engagement, insensitivity an empowerment. Execution and project delivery risk is removed. New and digital ways to work and think are learnt and applied quickly.


Do you have a new strategy to roll out across your organisation?

Do you want to make sure your leaders learn new and better ways to run the business? How will you maintain the momentum for change and cascade?

How will you stay involved in the process which is happening across the entire organisation across multiple sites/countries?

On QUBE your campus will bring EVERYONE together. You will be face-to-face in seconds.


Imagine you are being asked to get people using Design Thinking.

And now you have to run a hackathon to create ideas and solution.

On top of that you have your normal day job of accelerating innovation across the organisation, making sure senior leaders are engaged in driving it forward, and the tools and skills needed for innovation are embeding across teams.

QUBE will allow you to do all this across multiple sites, creating innovative solutions through collaborative working without barriers or boundaries.

Digital – IT

So you’ve been asked to accelerate digital transformation. There is little investment and you must maintain legacy systems.

The last thing you need is another global system to roll out.

How will you deliver digital behaviour and solutions while maintaining security?

On QUBE you and your team will quickly learn how and where to digitally transform supporting the outcomes needed by the organisation.

Project Manager

Imagine you have to run your portfolio of projects and programmes faster and with less resource. How do you manage this?

You’ve been asked to introduce agile but how do you run Kanbans, sprints, epics, daily stand ups when your team are located in multiple locations?


Is your budget less and are you being asked to use ‘digital solutions’. Have you’ve tried webinars, Skype, Yammer and you’ve found these apps don’t engage people or build a community for change?

So how will you make sure that the learning and development agenda can still match the organisations needs?

QUBE will provide a digital facilitated service for all your training and leadership needs with a scaleable and sustainable solution.

QUBE Campus

Discover what the QUBE campus has to offer

Understanding QUBE

The organisational impact QUBE can have explained in 6 minutes


How to bring your teams together across the globe to collaborate

About Eddie

My simple idea is that the real 21st Century around us isn’t so obvious to us, so instead we spend our time responding rationally to a world which we understand and recognize, but which no longer exists.

Educator, speaker, writer, entrepreneur

”His books are an antidote to the dryness of much managerial theorising. Old World they are not!”
Financial Times

“The Rockstar of Business Education.”
Duke Corporate Education

Meet the Team

Professor Eddie Obeng

CEO and Founder

Dr David Lomas

CTO and Founder

Dr Susan Ross

Director of Operations and Founder

Leo Teixeira

Director eFacilitation Programme

Dr Tammy Watchorn

Director Public Sector Transformation

Tracy Breeze


Josh Cheesman &
David Wainwright

Technical Support


Hear what a range of our clients have to say about transforming how they work

Wolters Kluwer is a global company that provides information and services to top professionals in healthcare, tax and finance. Read how they used QUBE to digitally deliver a strategic HR project

Wolters Kluwer

The NHS in Scotland, like many parts of the public sector, needs to do more and different with less. The only sustainable solution to this challenge is to fundamentally change the way we do everything

NHS Scotland

Anna Barlow R&D Science & Technology Director at JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS talks about how she moved her global team to QUBE and the business and personal benefits and outcomes achieved  


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), is the world’s oldest & largest national broadcasting organisation. They used It QUBE to demonstrate the shift to digital the organisation needed make for it’s services.


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